15min records

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15min records

Indie label based in San Diego, CA. Our music is not difficult or crabby. やさしい音楽。 Like This Parade | CCIR | MISA LTP

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    -We're not snobby with crabby style, but it does not mean we're creating easy music. Music can't be easy. We think music has complexity as our feelings. We're all capriccio and our feelings are always changing. Even the toughest person you can think of is sensitive than he or she looks. We stick to that kind of flexibility and pliancy with our music. There was a slight change after Worhol's "famous for 15 minutes" statement. Progression of hardware and modification of software. Some people wants to catch up and others wants to leave behind.

    -So we thought "ok we'll take all the changes, progression, upgrading and development (whatever), but we don't want to catch up somebody or leave some others behind. Let's leave the stupid race up to them". Again, our music is not difficult or crabby at all. We just supply our music to where its needed.


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